3 Reasons Young Professionals Move to Old North, London, ON

Three Reasons Young Professionals Move to the Old North Community


Old North Community, located between Richmond Street, Oxford Street and Adelaide Street, is one of the most popular, well known and in demand communities of London, Ontario. With many young professionals opting to move to the area, what makes Old North so attractive? Throughout this blog, I am going to explain 3 reasons that Young Professionals move to the Old North Community of London, Ontario.

Proximity to Downtown

One of the main reasons young professionals choose to move to Old North Community is due to it’s close proximity to Downtown London. With a vibrant and growing Downtown Core of London, Old North Community provides access to walk to incredible restaurants, bars, festivals, concerts and for some, work places. Not only is the location walkable to Downtown London, the Old North Community is also extremely close to numerous amenities within minutes walk or drive, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Western University, CF Masonville Place, Community Centres, parks and the Forks of the Thames.


Historic Homes

The Old North Community is well known for the historic homes from the early 1900’s and some from the late 1800’s. For Young Professionals looking to invest in an area with character and history, the Old North Community is among the best locations in London, Ontario to do so. While there are some starter price point homes in the neighbourhood, most commonly Old North Community price points range above the London, Ontario city average. With the unique character, Young Professionals can find just about every style of home. Due to the larger lots, mature trees and demand, many are choosing to expand with additions onto the property with some demolishing and rebuilding large modern style homes on the lot. If you’re considering making a move to Old North, check out 865 Colborne Street, London, Ontario, a perfect home for your professionals and and new families, mixing both modern elements with original character.


Community Environment

A popular reason that many Young Professionals opt to move to the Old North Community of London, Ontario is due to the sense of community that you feel in the area. It seems as though neighbours want to keep the community looking great and it’s often said neighbours here take care of one another. Due to the demand for the two schools St. George Public School  and Old North Public School, many Young Professionals look to the school zone to eventually build their family. In return, the Old North Community sees a high number of families move into the neighbourhood.

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Posted on September 25, 2022

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