Five Hidden Value Adds in Properties

It’s easy to be blown away by the cosmetic design of a property when searching for a home. Working with home buyers, my role is to educate beyond just cosmetic updates. Throughout this blog, I am going to share with you five hidden value adds for your next home.


Engineered I-Joists

My personal favourite hidden value add in a home is Engineered I-Joists. You’ll be able to tell if your property has these by looking into the unfinished portion of your basement. Engineered I-Joists are known to create stiffer, squeak-free flooring compared to the standard wooden joists and can be cut to various dimensions. Add on the fact that they are more environmentally friendly, and Engineered I-Josts may be the way of the future.


200 Amp Panel Size

Let’s face it, we are going to be driving electric cars sometime in the near future and it’s better we prepare now. While standard in today’s practice to have a 200 amp panel, many homes still feature a 100 amp panel size. If you’re hoping to go electric in the future, a 200 amp panel is a necessity to charge your vehicle from home. Not going electric? Having the extra amp means that you’ll also be able to run items such as hot tubs, pools, or potentially power tools without the necessary upgrade. Don’t worry though, as long as you have a 100 amp panel, you’re not losing on your property value.


Copper Wiring

While many never think twice about the wiring in their property, having copper wiring can give peace of mind. As a standard of today, copper wiring has been used throughout time, however, during the period of the ’60s and ’70s, aluminum wiring was the go-to. Being the standard of today, copper wiring is the easiest to work with, however, aluminum needs some additional precautions.


Basement Bathroom Rough In

Basement bathrooms are huge value adds in properties. While not every property will have one completed, more often than not there will be a bathroom rough-in. Having the option to add a bathroom in the future can be a significant value add should you want to expand your living space.


Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Not many are familiar with the heat recovery ventilation system, although it’s a standard of new builds today. This energy-saving system allows for fresh air to be mixed with heat or cooling of the interior air. Ultimately, reducing your cost to heat and cool while providing fresh air in your home. New homes come standard, however, some older homes have added this system as a way to save on their energy bills.

Posted on March 9, 2022

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