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Get started with Austin D. Titus – Realtor Broker at Century 21 in London Ontario for all your real estate needs in the neighbourhood of SOHO London Ontario! Located in Central London Ontario, SOHO is an up and coming, affordable neighbourhood within walking distance to Downtown London and great transit options. Whether you’re in search of a starter home or investment property, Austin D. Titus – a Broker and Real Estate Agent in London Ontario, offers a diverse range of real estate options in the neighbourhood of SOHO London. From starter homes and townhomes to investment properties, Austin is your dedicated partner in finding the home that suits your lifestyle.

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Diving into the complexities of the real estate market can be a daunting task, and it’s precisely in this process that Austin D. Titus distinguishes himself by delivering exceptional service to his clients. Austin’s dedication transcends the mere act of finding you a property; he is committed to ensuring your real estate journey is seamless, gratifying, and surpasses your expectations. As a trusted REALTOR, Austin brings a wealth of knowledge and a well-established history of customer satisfaction to individuals involved in buying or selling real estate.

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Discover a diverse range of homes, condominiums, and properties for sale in SOHO London, Ontario, and its neighbouring areas. Austin D. Titus, your trusted guide, is dedicated to securing the best deals for you. With a wealth of market knowledge, specialized Century 21 real estate expertise, and exceptional negotiating skills, Austin expertly handles every detail for a seamless transaction. Find your ideal home in the neighbourhood you desire with Austin D. Titus, optimizing your search for superior real estate opportunities.

Why Live in SOHO London Ontario?

The neighbourhood of SOHO, short for South of Horton Street, is a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood nestled in the heart of London, Ontario. This area is celebrated for its rich historical roots, diverse community, and strategic location that bridges the gap between the bustling downtown core and the serene Thames River. The area’s transformation in recent years has made it an increasingly attractive option for individuals seeking urban living with a unique character.

The residential landscape in SOHO is as diverse as its population, offering a mix of historic homes, modern condos, and loft apartments. These housing options cater to a variety of preferences and budgets, making it an accessible choice for young professionals, artists, and families alike. The neighbourhood’s ongoing development promises the addition of contemporary housing units, further enriching its residential appeal.

SOHO residents benefit from an array of local amenities and services. The neighbourhood’s proximity to the Thames River provides beautiful natural scenery and outdoor recreational activities, such as walking, biking, and kayaking. The area’s commercial offerings are expanding, with an assortment of local businesses, cafes, and restaurants that contribute to the lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Education and healthcare are also key features of the area neighbourhood. The neighbourhood has access to Aberdeen Public Elementary School, and a number of nearby educational institutions serve the community’s needs, from elementary to secondary education. The London Health Sciences Centre is walking distance away on Wellington Road.

Cultural enrichment and community engagement are at the heart of the neighbourhood charm. The area hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, especially in the Downtown Core of London fostering a strong sense of community and belonging among residents. The arts scene is thriving, with galleries and studios highlighting local talent and creativity.

For those seeking a dynamic and evolving neighbourhood with a blend of historical charm and modern convenience, SOHO offers a compelling place to call home. Its location, diversity, and community spirit make it a standout choice for living in London, Ontario.

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Homes For Sale in SOHO London Ontario

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Austin’s extensive and regularly updated property listings ensure you have access to the latest information on the London Real Estate Market. From sought-after residential areas, commercial spaces, and new residential developments Austin offers a comprehensive selection to accommodate diverse preferences and budgets. Trust Austin D. Titus to provide detailed and personalized options as you explore the SOHO Neighbourhood homes and townhomes for sale in London Ontario.


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Understanding the financial aspect of real estate transactions is crucial. Austin’s commitment to transparency is evident in his competitive real estate brokerage fees as a real estate agent in London Ontario. He ensures you receive value for your investment by providing cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of service in the unique context of the SOHO Neighbourhood London Ontario real estate market.


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Embark on your real estate adventure with confidence and excitement. Austin D. Titus is here to guide you through the process, offering unparalleled expertise and a commitment to your satisfaction. Search for your dream home and let Austin be your trusted Real Estate Agent and Broker in this exciting venture. With his extensive listings, competitive fees, and dedicated service, finding homes for sale in SOHO London, Ontario, becomes an enriching and fulfilling experience.

SOHO Frequently Asked Questions

What Style Homes are in SOHO?

The SOHO (South of Horton) neighbourhood is a diverse and evolving area known for its mix of residential and commercial properties. The residential styles in SOHO vary widely, including Victorian-style houses, smaller single-family homes, and newer apartment buildings and condominiums. These homes typically range from 800 to 1200 square feet, featuring 2 to 3 bedrooms. The area is undergoing revitalization, with new developments adding modern living spaces and high rise apartments to the mix. SOHO’s architectural diversity reflects its rich history and ongoing growth.

Is SOHO a Good Neighbourhood?

SOHO is an up-and-coming neighbourhood in London, Ontario, appreciated for its urban feel, proximity to downtown, and affordable housing options. It’s becoming increasingly popular among young professionals, artists, and families looking for a vibrant community close to the core of the city. With ongoing investments in infrastructure and community services, SOHO is transforming into a lively area with a strong sense of community and a growing array of amenities.

What are the schools in SOHO?

SOHO is conveniently located near several educational institutions, catering to families with children of all ages. While there are no schools directly within the neighbourhood’s immediate boundaries, nearby options include Princess Elizabeth French Immersion Public School, Arberdeen Public Elementary School, and Catholic Central High School. These schools are accessible within a short driving distance and are part of the Thames Valley District School Board and the London District Catholic School Board, offering quality education and various programs to meet diverse student needs.

What are the amenities in SOHO?

SOHO offers a variety of amenities that cater to its residents’ needs, including local shops, cafes, and parks. The Thames River provides scenic views and recreational opportunities along its pathways. The neighbourhood is also home to the London Health Sciences Centre, one of Canada’s largest hospital facilities, providing top-tier medical services. With its close proximity to downtown London, residents enjoy easy access to a broader range of shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural activities. The ongoing development and community-focused initiatives in SOHO are enhancing its appeal as a dynamic and inclusive place to live.

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