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Explore London Neighbourhoods Map with over 110 Neighbourhoods and more being added each year. Every neighbourhood one is going to offer its pros and cons. When searching for a home or property in London, Ontario, it’s important to complete research on where you want to purchase. Whether you’re looking to purchase a property to call home or you’re looking to invest in a property, educating yourself on the neighbourhoods in London Ontario is essential. Explore the neighbourhoods, properties and homes for sale as well as frequently asked questions by viewing the London Neighbourhoods Map.

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Neighbourhoods in London Ontario

Utilizing London Neighbourhoods Map

The city of London, Ontario boasts a rich tapestry of communities, each with its distinct character and charm. Utilizing the comprehensive London Neighbourhoods Map of London Ontario neighbourhoods can be an invaluable tool in this exploration. The London Neighbourhoods map not only provides a visual representation of the city’s layout but also serves as a gateway to understanding the unique features of each neighbourhood. From established residential areas to up-and-coming districts, the map allows potential buyers to navigate through the diverse real estate landscape.

As you embark on your property search, consider the London Neighbourhoods Map as a dynamic resource that evolves with the city itself. With 108 neighbourhoods and counting, the map reflects the continuous growth and development of London, Ontario. Staying updated on this expansion is crucial, especially for those looking to invest in burgeoning areas or seeking emerging opportunities in the real estate market.


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What Neighbourhoods in London Ontario Fit Your Needs and Wants?

When initiating your property search using the London Neighbourhoods Map, collaborating with a knowledgeable professional like Austin D. Titus, a seasoned REALTOR® and Broker at Century 21 in London, Ontario, can significantly enhance your experience. Austin’s expertise extends beyond traditional property transactions; he is well-versed in the nuances of the London real estate market and can provide tailored guidance based on your specific needs.

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Navigating the dynamic landscape of London, Ontario’s real estate market requires a multifaceted approach. The London Neighbourhoods Map serves as a comprehensive guide, allowing you to explore the city’s diverse communities and make well-informed decisions. With Austin D. Titus as your guide, you can embark on a property search that aligns with your unique preferences and goals, backed by the expertise of a seasoned REALTOR in London Ontario who understands the intricacies of London’s neighbourhoods.


Discover What London Ontario Neighbourhoods Have to Offer

One key advantage of using the London Neighbourhoods Map is the ability to visualize the proximity of essential amenities, schools, parks, and transportation hubs in each area. This insight is particularly valuable for families, professionals, and investors alike, as it allows for a holistic assessment of the neighbourhood’s livability and convenience. Click on each neighbourhood to visit the specific page dedicated to homes for sale a brief description of the area as well as why home buyers may choose to live in the neighbourhood.

Scroll below to find out more about frequently asked questions from Home Buyers in the London area when using the London Neighbourhoods Map. This will give you valuable insight into areas that you want to buy a home or investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

London Neighbourhoods Map

What are London Ontario's Top Neighbourhoods?

London Ontario Neighbourhoods - London Neighbourhoods Map

Old North:

The Quintessence of Heritage and Elegance Old North located just North of Downtown on the London Neighbourhoods Map, often celebrated for its historic roots, is one of many picturesque London Ontario Neighbourhoods with a rich architectural heritage. Here, grand Victorian and Edwardian homes line the streets, offering a glimpse into London’s storied past.

Amenities: The area is replete with quaint cafes, boutique shops, and fine dining establishments, all adding to its old-world charm. Residents also benefit from easy access to downtown London, enhancing the urban living experience.

Schools: This neighbourhood is renowned for its excellent educational institutions, including St. Joseph’s Hospital and the University of Western Ontario, making it a top pick for academics and healthcare professionals. Using the London Neighbourhoods Map you can view all schools in the area of Old North.

Recreational Activities: Old North boasts numerous parks and green spaces, such as Gibbons Park, perfect for leisurely strolls, picnics, and outdoor activities. The Thames River’s nearby trails offer serene spots for biking and jogging.


Byron & Warbler Woods:

A Nature Lover’s Paradise in London Ontario Neighbourhoods – Nestled near the Thames River, Byron is the epitome of scenic beauty. This tranquil area is known for its sprawling landscapes and a warm, welcoming community.

Amenities: The Byron Village, with its array of shops, restaurants, and services, forms the heart of the neighbourhood, offering a small-town feel within the city. Check out all the amenities in the Byron and Warbler Woods neighbourhood on the London Neighbourhoods Map.

Schools: Families are drawn to Byron for its highly regarded schools, including Byron Somerset Public School and St. Theresa of Lisieux, providing top-notch education.

Recreational Activities: The pride of Byron is Springbank Park, London’s largest park, which provides endless recreational opportunities from hiking and cycling to hosting family picnics and community events.



The Perfect Blend of Residential Comfort and Urban Convenience in London Ontario Neighbourhoods – Westmount is a dynamic neighbourhood in London Ontario, offering a mix of residential areas and commercial hubs. Its diverse housing and shopping options make it a sought-after locale.

Amenities: Westmount Shopping Centre is a central feature, alongside various dining and entertainment options. The area also boasts excellent healthcare facilities at Victoria Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Parkwood Hospital as well as and easy access to major highways.

Schools: Westmount is home to several reputable schools, including Jean Vanier Catholic School and Westmount Public School, catering to the educational needs of its diverse community.

Recreational Activities: This neighborhood offers numerous parks, sports fields, and the Westmount Family YMCA, providing ample opportunities for fitness and outdoor activities.


Masonville & Sunningdale:

A Growing Community with Modern Flair in London Ontario Neighbourhoods Masonville, a rapidly expanding area in the city’s north end as seen on the London Neighbourhoods Map, is popular for its modern amenities and vibrant atmosphere. This neighbourhood is a blend of contemporary living and convenient urban access.

Amenities: Masonville Place, a premier shopping destination, and the surrounding retail and dining complexes are central to the neighbourhood’s appeal. Many also choose this neighbourhood due to the proximity to University Hospital and Western University.

Schools: The area is served by top-rated schools such as Masonville Public School – the top rated school in London, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School, making it attractive for families.

Recreational Activities: Nearby parks, such as the Medway Valley Heritage Forest, offer residents a natural escape for hiking and wildlife observation.


Stoneybrook & Uplands:

Suburban Serenity with City Perks – Stoneybrook Neighbourhood and Uplands are known for its spacious residential areas and well-maintained public spaces. These neighbourhoods strikes the perfect balance between peaceful suburban living and the conveniences of city life.

Amenities: Stoneybrook offers a variety of local shopping and dining options, with easy access to larger shopping centres such as CF Masonville Place just a short drive away or walk away.

Schools: Renowned schools like Stoneybrook Public School, Jack Chambers Public School and A.B. Lucas Secondary School are highlights of this neighbourhood, providing quality education in a community-focused environment. Explore more about the Stoneybrook and Uplands Neighbourhood on the London Neighbourhoods Map.

Recreational Activities: Residents enjoy numerous parks, such as Stoneybrook Recreation Field located within the neighbourhood, and the nearby favourite of London – the Fanshawe Conservation Area for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and boating.



Family-Centric Living in a Lush Setting in London Ontario Neighbourhoods – Oakridge is celebrated for its excellent schools, strong community vibe, and picturesque homes. It’s an ideal choice for families seeking a balance of nature and suburban comforts.

Amenities: The neighbourhood offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and services, all conveniently located within the community. Additionally, located to the East of the neighbourhood is  a large commercial zone with Costco, Sobeys, Farmboy and a large transit hub.

Schools: Oakridge is home to some of the city’s best schools, including Oakridge Secondary School, Clara Brenton Public School and Riverside Public School making it a magnet for families.

Recreational Activities: The area’s parks, such as Oakridge Optimist Park, Springbank Park, Sifton Bog and nearby golf courses provide residents with numerous outdoor and recreational options.



Modern Living with Easy Accessibility Summerside, a relatively new development in the southeast of London Ontario, is known for its modern homes and excellent community facilities. It’s particularly appealing for its suburban feel combined with easy access to city amenities.

Amenities: The neighbourhood features contemporary shopping centres, dining options, and is well-connected to major highways for convenient travel.

Schools: Summerside boasts several new and highly regarded educational institutions, including Summerside Public School and École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf.

Recreational Activities: The area is surrounded by numerous walking trails, parks, and playgrounds, catering to active lifestyles and outdoor enthusiasts.


Hyde Park & Hunt Club:

A Harmonious Blend of Old and New Hyde Park located in the North West end of London Ontario on the London Neighbourhoods Map is a rapidly growing community, seamlessly combines the charm of established neighbourhoods in London Ontario, with the excitement of new developments.

Amenities: The Hyde Park Shopping Centre, along with a variety of local businesses, provide residents with a range of shopping and dining experiences.

Schools: Schools like Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School and St. Paul Catholic School are key attractions for families considering this neighborhood.

Recreational Activities: With its community centres, public parks, and leisure facilities, Hyde Park offers numerous recreational opportunities for all ages.


Fox Hollow:

Peaceful Living Amidst Natural Beauty Fox Hollow, located in the North West of London Ontario on the London Neighbourhoods Map is characterized by its natural landscapes and contemporary homes, is a tranquil suburbia with a close-knit community atmosphere.

Amenities: The area, while serene, offers convenient access to essential services and shopping areas, providing a balanced lifestyle.

Schools: The neighbourhood is served by excellent schools such as Sir Arthur Currie Public School and Saint André Bessette Catholic Secondary School,  appealing to families with educational priorities.

Recreational Activities: Fox Hollow is close to natural attractions like the Medway Creek Trail and Sunningdale Golf Club, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.


Wortley Village (Old South):

A Historic District with a Vibrant Community Spirit Wortley Village located in Old South on the London Neighbourhoods Map, known for its unique character and diverse community, is a lively and artistic part of London. Its eclectic mix of housing, active community life, and charming ambiance make it a trendy choice.

Amenities: The village is filled with local boutiques, the Wortley YMCA, artisanal shops, incredible restaurants, cozy cafes, reflecting its vibrant and artistic spirit. Explore the London Neighbourhoods Map for a list of places to visit in Wortley Village.

Schools: The area hosts several reputable schools, including Wortley Road Public School, Mountbatten Public School, adding to its family-friendly appeal.

Recreational Activities: Wortley Village is a hub for cultural events, outdoor markets, and community gatherings, fostering a strong sense of belonging among residents.

What Neighbourhoods are Close to Downtown London?

Downtown - London Ontario Neighbourhoods


Directly adjacent, on the East side of the downtown core, Woodfield is a historic neighbourhood known for its Victorian architecture. It combines the charm of older homes with the convenience of being within walking distance to downtown amenities. With it’s multitude of home styles available from large Victorian homes built in the 1800’s to low rise condominiums, home buyers from all price brackets are able to live in this beautiful neighbourhood in London Ontario. Explore additional neighbourhoods close to Downtown and Woodfield on the London Neighbourhood Map.

Old North (North London):

Located just north of downtown, Old North is characterized by beautiful, older homes and is close to Western University. Its mix of quiet residential streets and proximity to the city centre makes it a desirable location, a smaller community Bishop Hellmuth Heritage District is also located in this neighbourhood along the South West corner.

Old East Village:

East of downtown, this vibrant area has a strong sense of community and a growing arts and culture scene. Old East Village is recognized for its historic charm and local businesses, including art galleries and artisan shops. Along Dundas Street there have been major improvements to the neighbourhood to encourage additional growth for the area. With it’s more affordably priced heritage homes, this is often when home buyers go who wish to have a home with charm at a reduced price point.

SoHo (South of Horton):

Situated just south of downtown, SoHo is undergoing significant redevelopment. It offers affordable housing and is conveniently located for easy downtown access. As the neighbourhood offers some of the most affordable in London Ontario, this is often an area where there are multi-family residences available to rent and buy, smaller homes and lots. 

Bishop Hellmuth:

A smaller, exclusive area northwest of downtown located within the Old North neighbourhood on the London Neighbourhoods Map, Bishop Hellmuth is known for its grand, historic homes and offers a peaceful residential setting near the city centre. This is often the location that those looking for high end luxury historic homes go to purchase, especially on Wellington Street north of Oxford Street.


Nestled alongside the Thames River, Blackfriars is a quaint and historic community just west of Downtown London on the London Neighbourhoods Map. Its proximity to downtown, combined with its scenic views and charming character, makes it a unique and desirable neighbourhood. The iconic Blackfriars Bridge, a pedestrian bridge, connects the area directly to the downtown core, highlighting its closeness and accessibility. This neighbourhood is also home to Labatt Park the world’s oldest continually operating baseball grounds.

Wortley Village:

Located in the Old South area on the London Neighbourhoods Map, Wortley Village is a short distance from downtown and is renowned for its unique, small-town feel within the city. This neighbourhood features a vibrant community atmosphere with a mix of local shops, cafes, and restaurants. Its historical charm and active community life make it a popular choice for those seeking a neighbourhood with character and convenance to downtown.

Each of these neighbourhoods offers its own unique lifestyle and atmosphere while maintaining convenient access to Downtown London, making them attractive options for a wide range of residents.

What London Ontario Neighbourhoods are Best for Young Professionals?

Young Professionals - London Ontario Neighbourhoods

Downtown London:

The heart of the city on the London Neighbourhoods Map, Downtown London, is a prime choice for young professionals, especially those who appreciate a vibrant urban lifestyle. It offers easy access to offices, government buildings, and a range of professional services. The area is also known for its nightlife along Richmond Row (Between Oxford Street and Queens Avenue), restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues like the Grand Theatre and Budweiser Gardens – the home of the London Knights Hockey Team and multiple concerts per year. As the area acts as the hub for transportation in the city, this makes it easy to get around the city regardless of where you may be working.


Old East Village:

For those seeking a neighbourhood with character, artsy flair, and a sense of community, Old East Village is a great choice. This area has been undergoing revitalization and is attracting a young, creative crowd. It offers unique shops, craft breweries, and a growing food scene, and it’s still close enough to downtown for a quick commute. With the


Wortley Village (Old South):

Wortley Village, in the Old South area of London, is known for its historic charm and vibrant community atmosphere. It’s a great spot for young professionals looking for a quieter, more residential area that still offers cafes, shops, and a strong sense of community. It’s also relatively close to downtown, making it convenient for work and leisure.



Located in the north end of London, Masonville is a popular choice for young professionals due to its modern amenities, shopping centres (like Masonville Place), and proximity to Western University. The area has a mix of residential and commercial developments and is well-connected by public transit.



Located near the Thames River and known for its scenic beauty, the Byron Neighbourhood in London Ontario offers a suburban setting with a family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a great choice for young professionals looking for a quieter lifestyle but still wanting access to city amenities. The proximity to Springbank Park provides ample outdoor recreational opportunities and



As a neighbourhood adjacent to downtown, Woodfield is perfect for professionals who enjoy heritage and character in their living environment. It’s known for its Victorian-style homes and tree-lined streets. This area offers a serene residential setting while being within walking distance to the hustle and bustle of downtown, combining convenience with charm.


SoHo (South of Horton):

This area, just south of downtown, is currently in the process of redevelopment and offers more affordable living options. SoHo is ideal for those looking for proximity to downtown without the downtown price tag. The neighbourhood is seeing new residential and commercial projects that are attracting a younger demographic.


Each of these neighbourhoods offers something unique for young professionals, whether it’s downtown’s urban energy, Old East Village’s creative community, Wortley Village’s quaint charm, Masonville’s modern conveniences, or SoHo’s affordability and development potential. The best choice would depend on individual preferences in lifestyle, proximity to work, and the type of community environment one desires. Visit the London Neighbourhoods Map to get a full list of Neighbourhoods in London Ontario.

What are the Most Affordable Neighbourhoods of London Ontario?

Affordable Areas of London Ontario - London Neighbourhoods Map

East London:

East London, particularly areas like Hamilton Road, offers some of the city’s most affordable housing. This part of London is known for its diverse community and has a variety of housing types, from older, smaller homes to newer developments. Typically the East end of London among other areas of the City of London, offer the most affordable housing options and developments. To see all of East London neighbourhoods check out the London Neighbourhoods Map.


SoHo (South of Horton):

The SoHo neighbourhood, undergoing redevelopment, is known for its more affordable housing options. This area offers a mix of older homes and new developments, including condos and townhouses, and is conveniently located near the downtown core.


Glen Cairn/Pond Mills:

Located in the southeast part of London, this area offers affordability with a range of housing styles, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. The neighbourhood is close to several parks and natural areas, providing a pleasant living environment. View all the nearby amenities as well as additional neighbourhoods in the Southeast part of London on the London Neighbourhoods Map.


White Oaks:

Situated in the southern part of London, White Oaks is known for its affordable housing along with good amenities, including the White Oaks Mall. The area has a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, catering to a diverse population.



Located in the eastern part of the city, Argyle is known for its affordable homes and family-friendly atmosphere. The neighbourhood has a good selection of schools, shopping centres, and parks, making it a practical choice for families and first-time homebuyers.



Situated in the East part of London on the London Neighbourhoods Map, Carling is an area with affordable housing options, including a mix of older homes and newer constructions. The neighbourhood offers easy access to shopping, parks, and schools.



Located in the South East part of the city on the London Neighbourhoods Map, Westminster is known for its relatively affordable housing. The area offers a variety of housing styles and is close to amenities like shopping centers and community parks.

What are the Historic Neighbourhoods of London Ontario?

Historic Neighbourhoods of London London Neighbourhoods Map - Austin D. Titus - Realtor in London Ontario


Located near the heart of downtown London, Woodfield is a designated Heritage Conservation District. This neighborhood is famed for its well-preserved Victorian and Edwardian homes, tree-lined streets, and beautiful gardens. Woodfield’s close proximity to downtown provides easy access to modern amenities while retaining a distinct historical charm.


Old North (North London):

Old North, known for its stately homes and mature trees, is one of London’s most prestigious heritage areas. The neighbourhood boasts a range of architectural styles, from grand Victorian mansions to charming Arts and Crafts bungalows, reflecting the city’s rich history. Its proximity to Western University adds a vibrant, intellectual atmosphere to the area.



Nestled beside the Thames River, Blackfriars is one of London’s oldest neighbourhoods, characterized by its quaint cottages and narrow, winding streets. The iconic Blackfriars Bridge, a historic wrought-iron structure, is a notable landmark. This neighbourhood offers a peaceful, village-like atmosphere just a short distance from the downtown core. Check out more amenities in the neighbourhood on the London Neighbourhoods Map.


Bishop Hellmuth:

This small, exclusive area located northwest of downtown within the Old North Neighbourhood is known for its grand historic homes and spacious lots. The neighbourhood’s luxurious, heritage-rich atmosphere makes it a coveted location for those seeking a historic setting combined with an upscale lifestyle. With it’s close proximity to Downtown London, the centre of the City, you get the best of both worlds in this neighbourhood of London Ontario.


Wortley Village (Old South):

Part of the larger Old South area, Wortley Village is a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood with a strong sense of community. It’s known for its historic buildings, local businesses, and active community life. The area’s mix of housing styles, including Victorian, Edwardian, and Craftsman, adds to its historic charm.


Old East Village:

This neighborhood has a rich industrial and residential history, with many heritage properties being revitalized. Old East Village is known for its artistic community, heritage architecture, and the Western Fairgrounds. The area’s recent revitalization efforts have infused new life while preserving its historical significance.



Though now a more suburban area, Byron has a long history dating back to its days as a village before being amalgamated into London. As seen on the London Neighbourhoods Map there is a visual distinction of the neighbourhood from the rest of the City of London. It retains a sense of its past through historic sites and buildings, like the Byron Village heritage district, offering a unique blend of history and modern suburban living.

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