Top Elementary Schools in London Ontario


If you’re looking for a complete list of the Top Elementary Schools in London Ontario, you came to the right place. London Ontario is a urban City located in the South West of the Province of Ontario. Commonly known as the Forest City due to the focus on nature, immense number of trees and parks throughout the city. With one of Canada’s top ranked Universities (Western University) and one of Canada’s top ranked Colleges (Fanshawe College) one would say that the City of London Ontario has a focus on great education.

When searching for a home or investment, understanding the school zones and rankings should be an important element to determine the demand for the neighbourhood. In Ontario information regarding elementary school zones and elementary school rankings is readily available from the Fraser Institute’s website. The Top Elementary Schools in London Ontario rankings are determined from the Ontario province wide standardized testing such as the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO). 

Visiting the Fraser Institute’s website and checking on school rankings along with your local elementary school board can help to narrow down your search areas based on the Top Elementary Schools in London Ontario. Despite living in close proximity to a school, this does not always guarantee that it will be the designated zone for the property.  In London Ontario and surrounding areas the school boards are typically the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) and the London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB). You can also visit the neighbourhood map to view many local neighbourhoods and school zones in the areas.

The North end of London Ontario is home to two of the top  elementary schools in London Ontario based on the 2018-2019 results. Both schools are located within a short distance between each other and often play a significant role in those looking to move to the neighbourhoods. These Top Elementary Schools in London Ontario are Masonville Public School located in Masonville Neighbourhood and Jack Chambers Public School located in Stoneybrook Heights / Uplands Neighbourhood. Once the updated rankings for Top Elementary Schools in London Ontario are published, you’ll be able to view them here. Alternatively, if you have any questions when searching for a home about the Top Elementary Schools in London Ontario, contact Austin D. Titus Real Estate Broker with North Elm Realty Group at Century 21 for assistance. 


Below are the rankings for the Top Elementary Schools in London Ontario:


London RankingElementary SchoolScore (2018/2019)Ranking OntarioNieghbourhood
1.Masonvile Public School9.2/1046/3037Masonville, London, Ontario
2.Jack Chambers Public School9.0/1070/3037Stoneybrook Heights / Uplands, London, Ontario
3.Byron Somerset Public School8.1/10267/3037Byron / Somerset, London, Ontario
4.St. Paul Catholic Elementary School8.1/10267/3037Huntington, London, Ontario
5.St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School8.1/10267/3037Masonville, London, Ontario
6.Orchard Park Public School8.0/10301/3037Orchard Park / Sherwood Forest, London, Ontario
7.Riverside Public School8.0/10301/3037Oakridge, London, Ontario
8.Stoneybrook Public School8.0/10301/3037Stoneybrook, London, Ontario
9.Byron Northview Public School7.9/10346/3037Byron, London, Ontario
10.Northridge Public School7.9/10346/3037Northridge, London, Ontario
11.St.Catherine of Sienna Catholic Elementary School7.9/10346/3037Sunningdale, London, Ontario
12.Lambeth Public School7.7/10449/3037Lambeth, London, Ontario
13.Ryerson / Old North Public School7.6/10513/3037Old North, London, Ontario
14.St. John French Immersion Public School7.6/10513/3037Hyde Park, London, Ontario
15.Stoney Creek Public School7.6/10513/3037Stoney Creek, London, Ontario
16.École élémentaire Marie-Curie7.3/10688/3037Old Hunt Club, London, Ontario
17.Byron Southwood Public School7.2/10766/3037Byron, London, Ontario
18.John Dearness Public School7.2/10766/3037Hazelden, London, Ontario
19.St Martin Separate School7.1/10824/3037Wortley / Old South, London, Ontario
20.Jean Vanier /  St. Rose of Lima Catholic Elementary School7.0/10893/3037Westmount, London, Ontario
21.Sir Arthur Currie Public School7.0/10893/3037Foxfield, London, Ontario
22.École élémentaire catholique Frère André7.0/10893/3037Southcrest / Berkshire Village, London, Ontario
23.Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School6.9/10978/3037Oakridge, London, Ontario
24.École élémentaire La Pommeraie6.9/10978/3037Talbot Village, London, Ontario
25.St Mark Catholic Elementary School6.7/101119/3037Northridge, London, Ontario
26.St Theresa Catholic Elementary School6.7/101119/3037Byron, London, Ontario
27.Mountsfield Public School6.6/101195/3037Old South, London, Ontario
28.St. Nicholas Senior Catholic Elementary School6.6/101195/3037Riverbend, London, Ontario
29.Westmount Public School6.6/101195/3037Westmount, London, Ontario
30.Clara Brenton Public School6.5/101277/3037Huntington, London, Ontario
31.St Jude Catholic Elementary School6.5/101277/3037Norton Estate, London, Ontario
32.Westminster Central Public School (Closed)6.4/101338/3037South Side of London Ontario
33.Cedar Hollow Public School6.3/101409/3037Cedar Hollow, London, Ontario
34.Académie de la Tamise6.2/101467/3037Smokestack District, London, Ontario
35.St Georges Public School6.2/101467/3037Old North / Bishop Hellmuth Heritage District, London, Ontario
36.St Pius X Catholic Elementary School5.9/101683/3037Pottersburg, London, Ontario
37.Chippewa Public School5.8/101756/3037Huron Heights, London, Ontario
38.St Marguerite d’Youville School5.6/101871/3037Whitehills, London, Ontario
39.Wortley Road Public School5.6/101871/3037Wortley / Old South, London, Ontario
40.École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf5.6/101871/3037Summerside, London, Ontario
41.St George Separate School5.5/101936/3037Byron, London, Ontario
42.École élémentaire catholique Ste-Jeanne-d’Arc5.4/101991/3037Huron Heights, London, Ontario
43.Rick Hansen Public School5.3/102041/3037White Oaks, London, Ontario
44.Sir Isaac Brock Public School5.2/102102/3037Norton Estates, London, Ontario
45.St Anthony Catholic French Immersion School5.2/102102/3037White Oaks, London, Ontario
46.Emily Carr Public School5.1/102170/3037Whitehills, London, Ontario
47.W Sherwood Fox Public School5.1/102170/3037Westmount, London, Ontario
48.Tecumseh Public School5.0/102227/3037Old South, London, Ontario
49.Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School4.8/102325/3037Carling, London, Ontario
50Eagle Heights Public School4.8/102325/3037Oxford Park, London, Ontario
51.St Francis Catholic Elementary School4.7/102364/3037Westminster, London, Ontario
52.Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School4.6/102413/3037Rowntree, London, Ontario
53.Princess Elizabeth Public School4.6/102413/3037Glen Cairn, London, Ontario
54.St Anne Catholic Elementary School4.6/102413/3037Huron Heights, London, Ontario
55.Tweedsmuir Public School4.6/102413/3037Fairmont, London, Ontario
56.White Oaks Public School4.6/102413/3037White Oaks, London, Ontario
57.Sir Arthur Carty Catholic Elementary School4.5/102457/3037White Oaks, London, Ontario
58.Wilfrid Jury Public School4.5/102457/3037Medway, London, Ontario
59.Ealing Public School4.4/102493/3037Central Hamilton Road, London, Ontario
60.Fairmont Public School (Closed)4.3/102540/3037Fairmont, London, Ontario
61.Nicholas Wilson Public School4.3/102540/3037Westminster, London, Ontario
62.St Sebastian Catholic Elementary School4.3/102540/3037Glen Cairn, London, Ontario
63.Cleardale Public School4.1/102610/3037Cleardale, London, Ontario
64.Holy Family Catholic Elementary School4.1/102610/3037Nelson Park, London, Ontario
65.Northbrae Public School4.1/102610/3037Kipps Lane, London, Ontario
66.Arthur Ford Public School4.0/102643/3037Norton Estates, London, Ontario
67.St Thomas More Catholic Elementary School4.0/102643/3037Orchard Park / Sherwood Forest, London, Ontario
68.Ashley Oaks Public School3.6/102744/3037White Oaks, London, Ontario
69.Prince Charles Public School3.5/102760/3037Pottersburg, London, Ontario
70.Wilton Grove Public School3.5/102760/3037Westminster, London, Ontario
71.St Michael Catholic Elementary School3.4/102778/3037Old North, London, Ontario
72.East Carling Public School3.0/102842/3037Carling, London, Ontario
73.Glen Cairn Public School3.0/102842/3037Glen Cairn, London, Ontario
74.Hillcrest Public School3.0/102842/3037Ridgeview Heights, London, Ontario
75.John P Robarts Public School3.0/102842/3037Trafalgar Heights / Nelson Park, London, Ontario
76.Franklin D Roosevelt Public School2.9/102867/3037Argyle, London, Ontario
77.Lord Elgin Public School2.9/102867/3037Carling Heights, London, Ontario
78.Knollwood Park Public School2.4/102922/3037Carling Heights, London, Ontario
79.Sir George Etienne Cartier Public School2.2/102939/3037Lockwood Park, London, Ontario
80.St Bernadette Catholic Elementary School2.1/102947/3037Fairmont, London, Ontario
81.Arthur Stringer Public School1.7/102972/3037Westminster, London, Ontario
82.Woodland Heights Public School1.6/102978/3037Berkshire Village, London, Ontario
83.Aberdeen Public School1.5/102983/3037SOHO District, London, Ontario
84.Lord Nelson Public School1.4/102990/3037Argyle / Nelson Park, London, Ontario
85.Sir John A Macdonald Public School1.3/102993/3037Carling, London, Ontario
86.Bonaventure Meadows Public School1.2/102999/3037Argyle, London, Ontario
87.C C Carrothers Public School0.9/103004/3037Glen Cairn, London, Ontario
88.Evelyn Harrison Public School0.7/103010/3037Huron Heights, London, Ontario
89.Trafalgar Public School0/103024/3037Central Hamilton Road, London, Ontario
90.Victoria Public School0/103024/3037Old South, London, Ontario